Christmas tree doll

amigurumi doll head star
christmas tree doll amigurumi

Before Christmas I finished a new doll. Here she is – my Christmas tree doll.

We had a couple of really stormy days here in Estonia, even the electricity services stopped working for a while. Well, on one of those cold and stormy days the inspiration suddenly came to me.

I created a doll inspired by Christmas tree. She has a tree dress made with layers of different green shades.

Her shoes and legs are in the colors of the tree stalk.

On her head there is a golden star just like on top of the Christmas tree.

She has some sequins embellishing her dress and shoes.

I really love those fairy hair!

Scroll down to browse more photos of her, and tell me in the comments what you think of her.

christmas tree doll amigurumi
christmas tree doll dress
christmas tree doll
christmas tree doll amigurumi

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