A big dose of amigurumi LOVE – heart pattern

amigurumi heart free pattern
amigurumi heart free pattern

During this weekend I´ve been working on a single amigurumi heart, but it`s a really special one so I wanted to share it with you as well.

Click for my FREE AMIGURUMI HEART PATTERN, or a more detailed inexpensive pdf pattern.

As you can see, the heart in the pattern comes out really small, only about 6 x 7 cm (2.4 x 2.75 in). However, for this huge heart I used chunky T-shirt yarn and a 12 mm crochet hook, so it came out like 3 times bigger! (The final measurements are 23 x 20 cm / 9 x 8 in.) Kind of like a small pillow, or a nice decoration to throw on a couch, isn`t it!

There`s one more thing. I didn`t use the regular single crochet stitch for this heart. With the chunky yarn and a big hook it left huge holes in the surface which I didn`t like. Instead, I used what they call knit stitch or wardrobe stitch. Gives a knit-like surface which is really awesome!

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