Stay at home and crochet – week 3

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The new week has kicked off and I have 4 new amigurumi patterns to introduce. All these patterns will have a 60% discount until next week. Enjoy your crochet time!

STAY AT HOME AND CROCHET campaign was brought to life to relieve stress through crocheting. I believe keeping our hands busy helps us stay happier during the time we`re forced to sit at home and feel less anxiety about the virus raving in the world.


cupcake dress teddy girl amigurumi

Cupcake dress teddy girl is designed for little girls. I was inspired by the big handpainted polka-dot eyes. Perhaps you`ve noticed that many teddy bears that you see online are similar to each other. I wanted to achieve a bit different look by using bigger eyes than normally and embroider a nose that gives her this cute uppish look.

The body shape of this bear is very simple and works up quickly. And crocheting all those little colorful cupcake dresses in various colors is a pure joy! It`s like a win-win situation – you get to do all these fancy dresses and your kid has loads of fun dressing up the teddy and changing the outfit.


I´ve always felt it`s unfair that moms love to crochet all those pink things for their little girls, but sometimes forget that boys want to have fun too. I have two sons and a daughter, and I´ve always tried to invent cute stuff for boys as well. It`s not easy, but as a mother and amigurumi designer I feel it`s my duty.

After designing Sofia doll it was natural to do a boy doll as well – they`re like brother and sister. I named him Rudy the Redhead. These two dolls are basically the same construction, only different outfit. Love them together!

rudy the redhead amigurumi pattern


amigurumi pattern tree

Easter is almost here. Most of us are sitting at home and can`t get to the store to buy flowers and Easter decorations to bring in the festive mood. But, we can crochet :)

This little amigurumi Magic tree could be a wonderful replacement to all these decorations you would normally buy from the local shop. Plus, it makes a nice gift instead of the real plants. Needs no care at all. Simply wipe off the dust and you`re good!

Use your imagination to decorate the tree with spangles, beads, buttons, pearls etc.


Frilly-pants Bunny is definitely one of my most loved bunny patterns. I remember how I enjoyed making dresses in different colors and combining them with the fabric on the ears. I love to make toys in couples, so the bunny girl has a friend too – Long-ear Rabbit.

The toys with the dangling legs are my favorite I guess. They are the best to play with because you can put them to sit. Also, thanks to the long limbs it`s comfortable to carry the toy with you.

amigurumi frilly-pants bunny

All these patterns will have a discount only for a week. New patterns coming next Monday.

If you`ve picked some from here, share the photos of your makes on Instagram using #stayathome, #crochetastherapy and #lilleliispattern.

Happy hooking!

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