Aww, those cute bird rattles… :)

amigurumi teething ring bird

I have some wonderful news. There is a new cute “Amigurumi bird rattle” crochet pattern available in my shop. I never showed it here in my blog, but it got an enormous amount of positive feedback on my Instagram account when I shared it in May.

amigurumi teething ring bird
amigurumi pattern bird rattle

I was so happy with the design, so I started writing the pattern immediately, finished it in a week and was about to send it to the pattern tester, when… My computer crashed and I lost all the materials. It was devastating. I simply couldn`t pick up my hook and start all over again. It took several weeks until I found enough strength in myself to continue with it.

The white bird was the first one, but the blue one turned out even cuter.

In this pattern I´ll show you everything in detail and lots of photos. How to make the bird, how to cover the wooden ring with a piece of crochet and more. You`ll be surprised of how easy it is to make it yourself.

After writing the pattern once more I felt myself a lot better. It is such a nice design and deserved to be written down and shared with the world. Hope you like it too! Share your opinion with me in the comments.

amigurumi bird tail
crochet baby rattle bird


Translations to Estonian and Spanish coming soon.

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