How to add felt patches to safety eyes?

safety eyes with felt patches

Safety eyes are a great and really reliable way of adding eyes to your amigurumi toys. However, sometimes you may want to achieve something special and here`s a little trick you can use to give the doll a new kind of expression. In this tutorial I`ll show you how to add felt patches to safety eyes.

What you`ll need:

  • pair of safety eyes
  • small piece of felt fabric
  • a sharp-pointed needle
  • scissors
adding felt patches to safety eyes

1. Cut a rectangular piece of felt, bigger than the safety eye. Make a hole in the center using a sharp-pointed neelde.

You probably need scissors for making the hole bigger, but be very careful when using them. The hole should only be big enough for the eye to fit in.

2. Give the eye patch the desired shape with scissors. You can leave an even round around the safety eye in the middle, or leave the felt fabric show only partly.

Then comes the most difficult part – cutting the second eye as similar as possible to the first one.

3. Attach the eyes in the proper place on your doll`s face (tutorial about attaching safety eyes can be found here). Only then close the washers.

safety eyes with felt patches

What do you say?! Do you like the new look of your doll?


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