2nd day and happy ending of the charity crochet event

The second day of the charity crochet event is happily over. We did it!!! We ended up with 15 teddy bears cutest on earth. So different and at the same time so a like. There were thinner and bigger ones, taller and smaller ones. But I´ll let the photos speak for themselves.

It was an incredible feeling to be there, to feel the power of the selfless and joint action. I can`t tell you how much I admire the ladies who gave their time, patience and skills for this event to succeed.

I wish the Teddy Bears good luck. I hope they meet kids and families that need them the most and spread a lot of love around them :)

2 thoughts on “2nd day and happy ending of the charity crochet event

  1. loele says:

    Lovely…That,s a great job of you all. I think that you make children happy with that bear.

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