Irresistible little pig – free pattern

pig free amigurumi pattern (1)
pig free amigurumi pattern (1)

I made this little pig already in summer, right after finishing these little cats. The model is basically the same, only small changes were made. I like the way it turned out. I also planned on adding a button to his trousers, but… My younger son simply stole this piggy from my shelf!!! My kids know they are not allowed to take my toys without asking first, but I guess this little pig was too irresistible :) Paul started playing with it and then, just as nothing had ever happened, took it to bed with him at night time :) And then there was nothing to do, it was his and not mine anymore…

pig free amigurumi pattern (4)
pig free amigurumi pattern (2)

The pig spent an interesting summer with us – travelled several times to the countryside, enjoyed long rides in the car etc. I guess they are both happy with each other!

pig free amigurumi pattern (3)
pig free amigurumi pattern (5)

The pattern is available for free. Click here.

5 thoughts on “Irresistible little pig – free pattern

  1. P musch says:

    I just wanted to say i used diferent couler treads where you mentiond marker as i had none. Ok must admit started twice with the cat but finaly got it. I know the baby who,s getting it will shourly enjoy what you designed. Thanks it was fun making it.
    Greeting from holland
    Petra musch

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