Christmas tree garland

I looove crochet garlands!!! As soon as I tried making my very first garland I got many more ideas to try out. Christmas tree garland was one of them. It was fun inventing my very own tree. You can find plenty of them online, but I`m obsessed with designing everything myself. Crazy, right?!

Although the golden yarn wasn`t the easiest to work with, I still adore the combination of sparkling gold and gray shades.

The smaller garland, which you can hang above your working desk for example, is made in green and gray. More traditional, but not too commercial for my taste.

I have many more garland ideas on my mind, but now I`ve started to think that wouldn`t our house look a bit weird if I´d hang a garland in each and every room???!!! :)

12 thoughts on “Christmas tree garland

  1. Natalie says:

    Beautiful !
    Would really love the pattern to this wonderful garland, i have searched pinterest and this is by far the most gorgeous Christmas tree garland !!

  2. Kim says:

    Love these trees, have you a pattern that I can follow. There are not any like these online that I have seen.( I am not as good at making my own. Looking forward to your new book. I love your creations.

  3. Josée Venneman says:

    Love it! All your work by the way.. 😊
    Is there any chance there will come a second book? 🤔
    Greetings from Belgium..

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