Snowman design completed

amigurumi snowman pattern
amigurumi snowman pattern

Did you know that only 12 weeks are left till Christmas???

Well, I started with this snowman already in July and it felt kind of weird to “play with snow” in the middle of summer, but it was a design promised for a Christmas themed magazine, so it had to be done (I´ll inform you about the magazine as soon as I have more information!!!).

I started following one of my older designs (Yes, I already had made a snowman in the past!), thinking I will simply write the pattern down. But as always, I couldn`t stick to it! My snowman looks similar to what I had done in the past, but the construction is new and based on the knowledge I have today.

amigurumi snowman pattern
amigurumi cute snowman patterns

Merino wool seemed the best for this design. But as there are several parts for what you only need a small amount of color, then you can mix different yarns and use leftover materials for those parts.

My snowman measures 22 cm / 8.5 inches.

amigurumi snowman pattern
amigurumi snowman pattern

The pattern of Martin the Light-hearted snowman can be found in my shop.

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