Crochet donkey and putting myself on the test

Remember in november I wrote that I´m making a donkey. Well here it is. The pattern is from the Zoomigurumi book and is written by Dutch designer Pii_Chii. Zoomigurumi 1 was published in 2012 and it also includes my Pony girl pattern.

This was an interesting project because it`s been years since I used anyone elses amigurumi pattern! Actually I´ve done it only a couple of times in my life.


I made my donkey using Rowan Handknit Cotton, one of my favourite yarns. The color matched perfectly with the natural shade of the donkey. I made a few small adjustments. The major one is the mane for which I didn`t use fuzzy yarn.

Thanks to this project I discovered new things in me. Now I know that concerning amigurumi I am an impatient and not too collaborative person. I did my best to stick to the pattern, however I had hard times on motivating myself to do that. I guess I simply enjoy the creating process too much, so I prefer to invent new toys myself :)

You will find Pii_Chii in Ravelry and

8 thoughts on “Crochet donkey and putting myself on the test

  1. Elena says:

    He is so cute!!!
    I was looking through your shop and couldn’t find a book. Will you have it for sale in the future? Thank you so much! :)

  2. miegome says:

    It’s a cutie and it’s worth your effort. I do sometimes change a pattern too if I feel it’ll end up better, it happens to us all!

  3. Theresa says:

    I love the donkey. There is nothing wrong with making modifications to patterns, you are putting your touches on it!

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