Crochet garland bears and letters

crochet motifs appliques letters
crochet motifs appliques letters

Crochet garland with bears and letters was made for my nephew August for his first birthday gift. I think it turned out cute.

Why I decided to make a garland? The reason for this was that later when the kid is bigger, I can please him with toys. But until he is a baby, he won`t get the idea of the gifts anyway, so it`s nice to gift something that pleases his mom :)

crochet letters august

In the past I already had made a garland for my son Paul. He still has it decorating his room. So I started with making the letters A U G U S T. I didn`t invent those patterns myself. I took them from the first crochet book I ever bought. It`s “201 crochet motifs” by Melody Griffiths.

The instructions weren`t 100% clear to me, I struggled with letter G the most. But I managed to complete them, and some of them were very clear and fun to make.

crochet bear motif
crochet garland bears and letters

Then came my favorite part – inventing something new to make August`s garland unique. I decided to add little bear and cloud motifs. Cloud motifs are from my pattern Sun And Cloud Garland. The little bears are a new motif. I love them. With the placement of the eyes you can give them different expressions.

All motifs are made with Ricorumi DK cotton yarn. It`s one of my favorite cottons at the moment.

I made 4 bears and 4 clouds and then added all motifs including the letters on a garland.

The photo below was sent by my sister after she had found a place for the garland in August`s room. I´m so happy how it matches the blanket and cute pillows.

NB! The bear pillow was my gift when August was born.

crochet garland bears and letters

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