Crochet challenge – February inspiration board

Thank you all who participated in Treasure the Teddy crochet challenge in January. What a start it was! You made so many beautiful bears, and you made me so happy with your enthusiasm. The gallery can be seen here #treasuretheteddy.

Now let`s close January and open February, tadaa!!! Let me introduce you 2 inspiration mood boards for February. Yes, you heard me right, there are two this time :) The first one is quite predictable. As it`s soon Valentine`s Day I believe quite many of us may want to take the inspiration from here.

But for those to whom pink and hearts and all this stuff is way too sweet I´ve created another option. In February it`s Estonian 101 Independence Day. I`ve taken inspiration mostly from our flag colors: blue, black and white. But overall these colors go very well with Scandinavian style and suit for boys.

I hope everybody who participated in January are as excited as I am to go on with the challenge. And those who didn`t start with us are welcome to join this month. Read more here.

Have you already picked the colors for February?!

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