Crochet challenge – February inspiration board

Thank you all who participated in Treasure the Teddy crochet challenge in January. What a start it was! You made so many beautiful bears, and you made me so happy with your enthusiasm. The gallery can be seen here #treasuretheteddy.

Now let`s close January and open February, tadaa!!! Let me introduce you 2 inspiration mood boards for February. Yes, you heard me right, there are two this time :) The first one is quite predictable. As it`s soon Valentine`s Day I believe quite many of us may want to take the inspiration from here.

But for those to whom pink and hearts and all this stuff is way too sweet I´ve created another option. In February it`s Estonian 101 Independence Day. I`ve taken inspiration mostly from our flag colors: blue, black and white. But overall these colors go very well with Scandinavian style and suit for boys.

I hope everybody who participated in January are as excited as I am to go on with the challenge. And those who didn`t start with us are welcome to join this month. Read more here.

Have you already picked the colors for February?!

3 thoughts on “Crochet challenge – February inspiration board

  1. km_smith says:

    Dear Lillelii, my name is Kerry and I am from Australia. I am late to your teddy challenge but was wondering if you had ever considered that those of us in the southern hemisphere are in the opposite season to you and would love a board version to suit our season. I have several of your patterns and 2 of your books and they are very easy to make yet still remain very individual. Thanks so much for your ongoing imagination. Thanks so much.

    • lilleliis says:

      Hi, Kerry! The color mood boards are not obligatory. It is my personal aim to capture the nature of each season/month, but you are welcome to choose any colors you like for your teddy bears.
      I am tremendously happy for your feedback on my books :)

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