Free pattern – double warm neck warmer

heegeldatud kaelussall sallkrae lastele
heegeldatud kaelussall sallkrae lastele

We are having lots of snow here!!!  That`s why it seems to be absolutely perfect time for sharing my free pattern of crochet double warm neck warmer. This is a must-have for toddlers living in Estonia. My kids have been wearing these for years and they still do. Warm and practical.

crochet double warm neck warmer

This cowl has a double upper part which makes it extra warm. I used merino wool which most kids find soft and cosy to wear.

My kids have been using these shawls quite many years. My son was less then 2 years old when he got his neck warmer. He still wears it though he`s already 6 now. Also my 8 years old daughter wears this scarf in the coldest winter days. My kids highly recommend this warm and super cosy scarf!

7 thoughts on “Free pattern – double warm neck warmer

  1. Rosalee Bean says:

    i would love to download this pattern but i cant get the pattern to show up on my pc

  2. Margaret Smith says:

    This is such a nice pattern for kids but I would love to have the same type of thing for adults. Do you have such a pattern ?

    • lilleliis says:

      I don`t have a separate pattern for adults, but I guess when changing the amount of stitches you can easily modify the instructions to fit your needs.

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