Happy amigurumi apple rattle

amigurumi pattern happy apple rattle

Make apples, make rattles! Happy amigurumi apple rattle is the perfect self-made present for babies. It`s cute and colorful. Look at their smiley faces. How can you resist it?!

amigurumi pattern happy apple rattle
amigurumi apple

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My rattles are made in 3 pieces – first, you make the leaf, then you make the apple and attach the leaf to it, only then you crochet a separate striped handle and attach the apple to the handle. This construction gave me the best and most sturdy results.

I made one pink apple without the handle as well. Just to see how it works. It still makes a nice sound, because it has a plastic rattle insert inside just like the others.

amigurumi rattle apple
amigurumi apple

My apple rattles are made with the best organic cotton I´ve used so far – Babytoly 100% organic cotton. I adore the bright colors they provide.

Discover HAPPY APPLE RATTLE pattern.

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3 thoughts on “Happy amigurumi apple rattle

  1. A.H. Smits-Biesheuvel says:

    Ha Marie-lillelliis,

    Is het patroon van de happy apple rammelaar ook in het Nederlands verkrijgbaar?
    Hoor het graag van je.

    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Arja Smits

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