Patterns in Lovable Amigurumi Toys vol 2

katarina the ballerina lovable amigurumi toys

Just as promised there is a little magic too in the book “Lovable Amigurumi Toys”. With these two dolls we enter the fairy-tale world each little girl and boy wants to be part of. Is there any girl that hasn`t dreamed of becoming a ballerina? I did, my daughter did. What about you? And all these little boys who want to fight for their country ad loved ones… It`s quite hard to tell where the line goes between fairy-tale and real life.

katarina the ballerina lovable amigurumi toys

I named this ballerina after my friend`s daughter Katarina who goes to ballet. Once her mom sent me a photo of all these little girls in pink, standing in front of the mirror, watching themselves as they stand in the perfect dance position. There was something so inspiring about it. The way how seriously they take the dance lesson, how they really want to achieve something.

I love the simplicity of this doll. The main emphasis is on the skirt combined with tulle fabric.

And because there was a ballerina, I thought it would be perfect to include a man of her dreams too :) Meet Jakob the Brave Soldier.

The construction of the two dolls is very similar. The soldier keeps a very minimalistic style. However, the contrasting colors and embroidered patterns in golden thread make him gallant and dignified.

jakob the brave soldier lovable amigurumi toys

Discover Katarina the Ballerina, Jakob the Brave Soldier and 13 more crochet doll characters in my new book.

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