How to make a yarn pom-pom using your fingers?

how to make yarn pompom

In this post we`ll be making a super easy pom-pom using only your fingers. So if you don`t happen to have a special pom-pom maker on hand, then this method might help you out.

Ideas where to use it?

A tail to a bunny, on kids hats, scarves and mittens, on the corners of a pillow, on the border of the blanket etc. But remember, the pom-pom you can make with your fingers is quite small.

Which yarn to use?

In my experience you can expect the thickest and fluffiest result with woollen yarn. However, in my example I´ve used cotton and as you can see it looks nice too.

What else will you need?


Let`s get started!

1. Leave a small gap between your index finger and your middle finger and start wrapping the yarn around the fingers. Make about 50 turns. Leave a yarn tail of about 20 inch / 50 cm long.

how to make yarn pompom
how to make yarn pompom

2. Wrap the yarn tail between the fingers and around the wrapping. Make a tight knot.

how to make yarn pompom
how to make yarn pompom

3. Now, take the wrapping off your fingers, cut the loops on both ends and fluff the pom-pom. Even it out with sharp scissors to make a nice round pom-pom.

how to make yarn pompom
how to make yarn pompom
how to make yarn pompom

And voila! You have the perfect little pom-pom!


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4 thoughts on “How to make a yarn pom-pom using your fingers?

  1. Karen Gee says:

    I absolutely love your books, your patterns are so well written, I loved making sabastian and mighty the robot, I would love to send a photo but don’t know how.

  2. Sheila says:

    Thank you for all these great helps but I am fine crocheting the body pieces but have a terrible time trying to neatly and securely attaching the head,barns,legs etc! I’ve looked at your assistance but not oh boy this is the toughest part! Any way to help me a but more to make neat toys? Thanks in advance

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