Say hello to Pillow bear


I am happy to release a brand new teddy bear pattern on this very special day. Pillow bear was designed for my little niece Saara who inspired me with her huge passion for teddies.

Pillow bear is soft and woolly. Even the eyes are made of yarn, so it has no stiff parts. And he has such a whimsical look in his eyes! Pillow shaped bear is a friend you can rest your head on when sleeping. It`s flat and soft. Crochet doilies on his body give this bear a very special touch.

It is an advanced skill level pattern, but actually the bear itself is quite simple. Sewing the eyes is probably the most complicated part of making it. So why is it advanced then? Well, it combines two techniques – amigurumi and crochet (because of the doilies added to his body) and that`s why I found it correct to be categorized as advanced.

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