Pillow bear for little Saara

In September I made this pillow bear for my niece Saara on her 2nd birthday. Saara is a huuuge teddy bear lover, so it was no question which animal to make. The only question was – what kind of a bear should it be?

I got the idea of making a pillow shaped bear on which Saara could rest her head when sleeping. It had to be flat and soft.

I chose Scheepjes Stonewashed XL for this toy. I had wanted to try this yarn for a long time. It has such an interesting coloring. The brown bear was for Saara. I loved making it so much, so after finishing the first teddy, I started the second one right away. This time I used black and it came out stunning.

Pillow bear is soft and woolly. Even the eyes are made of yarn, so it has no stiff parts. And I love those whimsical eyes!

I added some crochet doilies to it`s body, because I loooove doilies and they give my bear a very special touch.

The pattern of Pillow bear is completed and will soon become available!

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