Versatile Christmas tree pattern

crochet tree ornament gift wrapping
christmas tree crochet pattern

Let me introduce you my first crochet “Christmas tree garland” pattern. Actually it`s much more then the name says. It`s such a versatile design and gives a lot of space for creativity.

crochet pattern garland

In this pattern you will get tree instructions + 3 different ideas of assembling. The basic version is crocheting little trees on the strand. Alternatively you can attach them on a jute rope with buttons or tiny bows.

christmas tree garland
crochet rustic christmas tree garland

The garland can be used as a decoration on walls, shelves etc. However, the tree motif can just as well be used separately, for example as a tree ornament or as a decorative element in gift wrapping. Let your imagination guide you!

crochet tree ornament gift wrapping
crochet christmas tree ornament

In this pattern you will need to know how to start a crochet piece with chain 2 method. I´ve created a new tutorial which you might want to check out before getting started.

crochet scandinavian style christmas garland


Don`t miss it! Until 31st of October there is a special offering for Christmas patterns.

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