Stay at home and crochet – week 5


It`s a new week and time to introduce 4 new amigurumi patterns that will have a 60% discount until next Monday. Stay at home, crochet and keep calm!


Ballerina mouse is one of my most-favorited patterns since 2012 when it was first published. Many people associate it with Angelina Ballerina, but actually I first saw the cartoon of Angelina after I had designed this mouse for my little girl. It was all and over inspired by my 4-years old Linda, who adored everything pink and believed she is a little princess at that time. She loved to dress in a pink tutu and a leotard and wear a pink crown. She even ate sugar (OMG!!! How did I let this happen!)!

When I designed this mouse for her, it was a love at first sight. The gorgeous photo is made by Annika Metsla for the book Magical Amigurumi Toys. The online pattern can be found in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Finnish and Russian.

ballerina mouse amigurumi pattern


lars the dragon amigurumi pattern

It probably is true, that the best part of my toys is designed for my own kids. So is Lars the Dragon. It was a birthday present for my younger son. I adore all those bold elements it has, especially the bony plates and the wings. My son has 2 of them, light blue and dark blue. And he still loves them although he`s 10 already!

The pattern of this amigurumi dragon is also available in my book Cuddly Amigurumi Toys.


kind and colorful cat

My first amigurumi Meow cat was designed in 2018. Sometimes all you need for inspiration are the colors. I fell in love with this beautiful mustard yellow merino wool and instantly imagined making a cute colorful cat with it.

Later, I added a girl version too, so the pattern includes both of them.

I really like the combination of stripes and polka dots, and of course the friendly smile on his face.


In my opinion, Pajamas teddy is the sweetest gift you can make for a baby. I´ve made tens of these in various colors from pale to brighter ones. It`s not too big, so the size fits perfectly for a newborn. The cute flabby hat and striped pajama remind me of baby clothes. He`s just overall cute!

pajamas teddy amigurumi pattern

STAY AT HOME AND CROCHET campaign was brought to life to relieve stress through crocheting. I believe keeping our hands busy helps us stay happier during the time we`re forced to sit at home, and feel less anxiety about the virus raving in the world.

If you`ve made something using the patterns from here, share the photos of your makes on Instagram using #stayathome, #crochetastherapy and #lilleliispattern.

Happy hooking!

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