Walter the little crochet bear

Today I want to introduce you Walter the little crochet bear. He is my thank you gift to everyone who want to receive lilleliis news, read blog posts, buy patterns and be a part of my crafty life.

walter the little crochet bear

Who is Walter and what makes him so special?

Well, first of all Walter is a teddy bear with the kindest heart. He loves to give a warm hug to anyone he meets on his way. He also loves crochet and wants to help me grow the community of amigurumi lovers from around the world. The pattern of Walter is free for all new subscribers to my website!

crochet teddy bear pants
amigurumi teddy bear legs and claws

The tricky thing about this bear is that he looks as an advanced design, but is actually very easy to make. I´ve kept everything as simple as possible. You only need to know single crochet + some basics of amigurumi which I am here to help you with. So if you are a beginner, don`t hesitate to try it out. If you`ve already made amigurumis Walter is still a fun and cute thing to make.

Walter is about 19 cm / 7.5 in tall and made with cotton yarn. In addition you`ll need 6 mm safety eyes, piece of felt, tiny buttons and a small bow or satin ribbon to tie around the neck.

I hope you enjoy making yourself a cute little Walter bear :)

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8 thoughts on “Walter the little crochet bear

  1. Carol Setright says:

    Hello Lille, Would it be possible to purchase the pattern for Walter the little crochet bear?
    I am already a subscriber and have already purchased patterns from you. I have been asked to make some small teddies for triplets (all boys) and I think Walter would be ideal. Looking
    forward to your new book.

    • lilleliis says:

      I am so sorry, but it`s not possible at the moment. You will find all my bear patterns here. My personal suggestion for babies is Pajamas Teddy. Slightly different color combo for each of the boys and you`ll have the perfect set :)

  2. Kerry Trickey says:

    I have subscribed twice and have not received pattern but have received the newsletter.

    • lilleliis says:

      Hello, Kerry! This offering is for new subscribers. You have been in my list since 2018 and I want to thank you for that! I have some new freebies in my schedule, you`ll definitely hear about them in my coming newsletters.

  3. Gwen says:

    I have subscribed two times now and have not received Walter the Bear pattern. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks so much!

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