Strawberry and Blueberry doll

crochet berry dolls
crochet berry dolls

Let me introduce you my berry dolls – Strawberry and Blueberry. I really loved making these. Didn`t write anything down, simply worked in the flow.

amigurumi doll strawberry costume
crochet strawberry outfit
crochet strawberry hat
crochet strawberry doll face

Although I made Strawberry first, my own favourite is Blueberry. I love the purple yarn together with the yellow hair. Also his face came out cuter.

crochet blueberry doll
amigurumi blueberry outfit
amigurumi blueberry doll face
crochet blueberry hat

I have to admit it`s been some time since I finished them. Sometimes it`s just hard to find time and energy for writing blog posts.

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