Colorful teddy bear of June

crochet treasure the teddy challenge
amigurumi teddy bear head

This is my Treasure the Teddy of June. Surprisingly the colorful theme has so far been one of my favourites. I`ve always considered myself as a lover a neutral shades, but I totally enjoyed making this super colorful bear. I started at the very last days of the month and thought there`s no chance to finish him on time, but working was a pure joy and everything went smoothly so I managed after all :)

crochet treasure the teddy challenge

I chose white for the background, so it would be easier to fit the colors in. The stripes of the fabric helped a lot with matching them together. The face is unusually colorful, because normally I don`t use such contrasting colors for each detail (eye patches, muzzle, eyes). I even used bright yellow thread for sewing the fabric details (normally I prefer white) to give more color.

amigurumi teddy bear with fabric
amigurumi treasure the teddy

The stripes pattern reminds of the national skirt of Estonia, so overall he looks even a bit national to me.

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You can purchase the pattern of Treasure the Teddy here.

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