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Amigurumi bunny couple

It`s been a long time since I´ve crocheted those two bunnies – Frilly-pants Bunny and Long-ear Rabbit. I´ve always enjoyed their gleeful and sweet character. And the way you can mix colorful yarn with patterned fabric. Read More

Fairy tale frogs

Meet my fairy tale frogs – the prince and the princess. Both of them were made for my previous book published in Estonian in the late autumn. There will be an English translation as well, but due to a reduced volume those two characters will be left out. But don`t be sad, they are based on a free pattern of mine – Felix the Frog – which you`ll find under my freebies. Read More

Paperdoll like angel


After designing 15 new animals for my new book I am longing for making some dolls. Here is my latest project. I thought it would be small and easy, but it wasn`t. After three failures I finally succeeded with the fourth one. She is perfect to me! Read More

Hilda the Ragamuffin


Many of you perhaps know Hilda Hilpharakas from my earlier blog. She was made already in 2010. It`s amazing how many people actually liked her and contacted me to ask for her pattern. Several times I started making this cat and reconstructing the instructions, but for some reason I wasn`t inspired by this old design of mine, so I always left it unfinished. In September I finally pulled myself together and now the pattern is available in my shop, yeah!!! Read More

Wonderful morning with the amazing Doris

It has been quiet lately here in my blog, you probably have noticed it. However, that isn`t because of a creative crises or anything like that :) I am working hard on a new book which will be released in the autumn here in Estonia.

The book will contain something old as well as something new. Patterns that have already been published, some new patterns of toys made earlier which have never become patterns and then of course brand new designs. I want to keep them in secret at the moment.

Today I want to show you some photos of Doris, she is the part of the new book too. Well, is she photogenic! (not sure if people use that word, I mean she looks gorgeous on photos). Perhaps it sounds weird to you, but not all the toys are equally good for photographing. I felt this wonderful “click” with Doris today and instead of one picture made plenty of them to share with all of you.

Lately I haven`t been posting much in my blog or Facebook page. The good news is I have discovered Instagram!!! If you feel curious of what I have been working on lately, then please visit me here: lilleliis_official.

The pattern of “Doris the old-fashioned teddy bear” is available in the shop.
doris amigurumi kaisukaru (1)
doris amigurumi kaisukaru (2)
doris amigurumi kaisukaru (3)
doris amigurumi kaisukaru (4)
doris amigurumi kaisukaru (5)

The dress is ready, buttons missing though…

Anita doll finally became a pattern

In the end of 2013 I started working on Anita doll pattern. Actually there was an Estonian woman, who wanted to order this doll and she was willing to wait about 9 month until I finally had time to work on it. So I thought I`d use this situation and create the pattern as well. Read More

Princess Silver-shoe

Here comes another doll pattern – Princess Silver-shoe. She is a dream come true doll for many little girls. With her long ruffled dress, curly hair, perfect crown and decorative pearls she is like an embodiment of fairy tale and beauty. Read More

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