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Bunny, puppy and teddy – “Amigurumi cuties”

These are “Amigurumi cuties” – the new pattern to crochet three aborable softies – bunny, [...]

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My first amigurumi pig

Actually this is the second pig, but it`s the developed version of the first one [...]

Funny bunny – free amigurumi pattern

On March I worked on a bunny pattern for publishing in an Estonian magazine writing [...]

New revision of the Little kitty pattern

I took my very first pattern – Little kitty – and made a new version [...]

Silky spring mouse – new pattern!

This little mouse is made using an old pattern of mine. About two years ago [...]

Another Sissy Bunny

Here is a sister for the Sissy bunny. I made it as a customer order, [...]

Tummy Teddy amigurumi pattern

The teddy bear I made for my son in the last months of previous year [...]


Smugly-bear pattern

It`s been a while since I wrote my last pattern. I started some, but left [...]


Lotte – Estonian cartoon character

Lotte from Gadgetville is one of the most loved cartoon characters here in Estonia. I [...]