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Paperdoll like angel

After designing 15 new animals for my new book I am longing for making some [...]


Jester the Christmas gnome

Meet Jester the Christmas gnome. This new doll design was so much fun to make. [...]

The clown can be a girl too!

I will have to start with saying that after the TV clip my Chatterbox the [...]


Chatterbox the Clown

The story of this clown begins with my typical words “I had planned this toy [...]


Anita doll finally became a pattern

In the end of 2013 I started working on Anita doll pattern. Actually there was [...]

3rd Advent – Christmas angel

Today I will show you the little angel doll. She is my 3rd week Christmas [...]

1st Advent – Snowman

Even though we say Christmas is the time of peace and joy, quiet evenings with [...]


Tiny teddy for Rudy

I made a tiny little teddy bear for my latest boy doll Rudy. Made it [...]

Rudy the Redhead – boy doll pattern

Here is the long waited boy doll pattern. He is perfect as a brother to [...]

Taaniel the second boy doll

Here is Taaniel – my second boy doll. I thought I´d make a blond boy [...]