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Fairy tale frogs

Meet my fairy tale frogs – the prince and the princess. Both of them were made for my previous book published in Estonian in the late autumn. There will be an English translation as well, but due to a reduced volume those two characters will be left out. But don`t be sad, they are based on a free pattern of mine – Felix the Frog – which you`ll find under my freebies. Read More

Penguin pattern is released

I have completed my penguin design and the pattern is available now!!! Feel really happy of how he turned out. Especially the flippers, which was kind of a challenge and the striped wrap-around-the-neck hat which was simply a brilliant idea that popped into my head as out of nowhere :) Hope you enjoy the pattern! Read More

Happy Valentine`s Day and a new freebie


I wanted to celebrate this day with a new free pattern. Here it is! A little friendly duck. As the Easter is soon here this would be a great home decoration to bring the feeling of spring into your homes. Of course it can be a toy for babies and toddlers. And why not a cute keyholder for your adult friends.

Enjoy the free pattern!

Simplest teddy bear ever


Besides Waldorf dolls there`s one more thing I admire so much. It`s the sock animals. They`re so damn cute!!! I´ve tried making some myself and I must say I totally loved it. You can check my sock toys here. Read More

Pajamas teddy pattern

Lately I published the pattern of one of my favourite toys of all – Pajamas teddy. It`s such a sweet present for newborn and babies. A little fellow sitting on the bed or on the shelf, watching the baby sleep. He is wearing a cute striped pajamas and a flabby nightcap.

Read More

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