3rd Advent – Christmas angel

Today I will show you the little angel doll. She is my 3rd week Christmas [...]

2nd Advent – Christmas teddy + elf hat pattern

Hi again! So, you already noticed I am late with my post, because I promised [...]

1st Advent – Snowman

Even though we say Christmas is the time of peace and joy, quiet evenings with [...]


About Linda`s new cat hat

I had the idea of this hat haunting me for a long time. Just had [...]

Sissy bunny for the pattern

So here is Sissy bunny – the long waited pattern. It is probably one of [...]


Tiny teddy for Rudy

I made a tiny little teddy bear for my latest boy doll Rudy. Made it [...]

Elma the Elephant

This is Elma, my very first elephant toy. She is carrying my grandma`s name because [...]

Ballerina bunny

Hello! I want to show you the pictures of another Little Ballerina bunny toy which [...]

Safety eyes for amigurumi toys

I would like to start a topic about safety eyes for amigurumi toys. Although someone [...]


Rudy the Redhead – boy doll pattern

Here is the long waited boy doll pattern. He is perfect as a brother to [...]

Ballerina mouse pattern in a new version

Ballerina-mouse is one of my oldest toys. I´ve posted my first ballerina in my old [...]

Little dragon – challenge of the previous week

Yesterday we celebrated our little boys 4th birthday. This amigurumi dragon was a gift for [...]