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Ronja the troll girl from Lovable Amigurumi Toys

Today I want to introduce you a troll girl from the book Lovable Amigurumi Toys. [...]

Thumbelina inspired doll

Did you recognize this is Little Ella from my new book “Lovable Amigurumi Toys”? I [...]

Ragdoll Annie and Baby Leo in “Lovable Amigurumi Toys”

Today I want to introduce you two very special dolls from the book “Lovable Amigurumi [...]

Patterns in Lovable Amigurumi Toys vol 2

Just as promised there is a little magic too in the book “Lovable Amigurumi Toys”. [...]

Such a weird doll

You know I´ve been writing a new crochet doll book, right?! Well, this doll was [...]

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My first crochet bulldog

The story of my French bulldog goes back to 2018 when a famous Estonian  Instagrammer [...]


Hilda the Ragamuffin

I´ve been wanting to crochet Hilda the Ragamuffin for a long time. So here she [...]

Rag doll cat pattern is published

When I first published photos of my Rag doll cat in social media, I instantly [...]


Which patterns would you like to have in Turkish?

Good news for Turkish speakers, and I know there`s a lot of you! I have [...]


Rag doll inspired cat

Sharing my first attempt of making a rag doll inspired cat. Love it`s rough and [...]


Do you remember Princess Silver-shoe?

This blonde princess doll is made as a customer order for a little blonde girl. [...]

New teddy girls

Meet my new teddy girls!!! It all started when I saw an Instagram post by [...]