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Little amigurumi kitty pattern is now free

The very first pattern I ever wrote – Little amigurumi kitty – is now available [...]

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Happy amigurumi apple rattle

Make apples, make rattles! Happy amigurumi apple rattle is the perfect self-made present for babies. [...]


Amigurumi monkey girl

I want to show you a cute amigurumi monkey girl. Making her is super easy! [...]


Little crochet bows – free pattern

Have you ever wanted to add a little crochet bow to your amigurumi, but didn`t [...]

Discounts of this week + a new amigurumi pattern

I am super happy to share this week`s discounts with you and introduce a brand [...]


New amigurumi lion pattern

Let me introduce you my new amigurumi lion pattern. I´ve named him Luca the Lion. [...]

Amigurumi baby elephant

Look at this sweet amigurumi baby elephant version of my new Lucy the Elephant pattern! [...]


Meet Lucy the Elephant!

Meet Lucy the Elephant – my new amigurumi pattern. It`s the first animal in the [...]

Ronja the troll girl from Lovable Amigurumi Toys

Today I want to introduce you a troll girl from the book Lovable Amigurumi Toys. [...]

New crochet pattern – Gingerbread house ornament

Are you eager to make some Christmas crochet?! Home decorations, tree ornaments, something to make [...]

Thumbelina inspired doll

Did you recognize this is Little Ella from my new book “Lovable Amigurumi Toys”? I [...]

Free amigurumi pattern – Little Christmas elf

Meet my Little Christmas elf! A new and free amigurumi pattern. Yay!!!